How Multiple Sclerosis Affects Your Sex Life

tired man
If you’ve been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, then you’re already aware of all the symptoms that are associated with the disease – fatigue, dizziness, tingling, paralysis, bladder issues, and vision problems – but why is that no one talks about the sexual dysfunction that is often brought on by MS?

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According to a survey conducted by Dr. Frederick Foley, Director of Neuropsychology and Psychosocial Research at the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Holy Name Hospital in New Jersey, 67 percent of 8,300 people with MS reported experiencing some sort of sexual dysfunction.

For women, issues can range from loss of sensation, loss of vaginal lubrication and inability to reach an orgasm. Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection and ejaculating are common issues for men. Low libido is also a common problem for both sexes.