How Pancreatic Cancer Affects Black People Differently

Per a report by the Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Center, Black people have the highest risk of Pancreatic Cancer, with an incidence rate being 30 to 70% higher than other racial groups in America. Not only is the incidence rate of pancreatic cancer higher among Black people, but they also have the poorest survival rates because their cancer is most often diagnosed at more advanced stages.

Here are a few risk factors that illustrate exactly why Pancreatic Cancer affects Black people differently:

Smoking Cigarettes

Some studies show that cigarette smoking makes up more than 25 to 30% of diagnosed pancreatic cancer and doubles the risk of getting pancreas cancer regardless of a racial group. However, smoking rates among Blacks in America have historically been higher versus the rest of the US population but today that gap is declining. Most studies show that smoking is the most preventable cause of pancreatic cancer.

Being Overweight

High BMI and being overweight can easily lead to Type 2 Diabetes which is a