When Falling Out Of Love Happens To You

young couple seriousBeing in love is one of the greatest feelings in the world, but contrary to popular belief, love doesn’t always last through the duration of a relationship. Some people grow apart over time, lose interest in each other or develop feelings for another person outside of the relationship. It is one of the things that any person in a relationship fears, but in reality it happens more frequently than one would think. When falling out of love happens, it’s typical for one partner to have the fear of telling the other the truth, but once the truth is revealed both partners can move forward with clear judgment and less hurt. If falling out of love has happened to you, check out these tips on how to get through the awkwardness.

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Be real with yourself.

Being honest with yourself first about feelings that may no longer exist is the first step to helping with transition out of a relationship that no longer serves you. Denying how you feel to protect the feelings of your partner does nothing but perpetuate a lie, which once found out, will hurt more than the truth. Falling out of love is normal and it is something that shouldn’t be an embarrassment or shameful.  Once you’ve come to the realization that love no longer lives within your relationship, it’s time to have a talk with your partner.

Have a face-to-face conversation.

Breaking up is hard to do, but there is nothing more awkward than breaking up through text or by voice callGive your partner the respect they deserve by having a sit down with him/her face to face to speak about the changes in your relationship. Falling out of love doesn’t mean losing respect for the person you’ve invested time and emotions into.  It simply means that romantically the feelings are no longer there.  When deciding to have this conversation, choose a neutral place that makes both of you feel comfortable to have this talk, and always remain calm and level headed when speaking.  Emotions will be high, so proceed with caution. Whatever issues or differences that may exist, this face-to-face conversation is the best time to place them on the table.


Reconcile your differences.

Leading up to the day of reckoning, there may have been a series of issues that began to surface causing arguments and irritations that need to be addressed.  When the face-to-face conversation happens, now is the time to make amends and clear up any misunderstandings.  Doing this will help your partner understand the breakdown in the relationship and will allow him/her to get the answers directly from you to reduce any confusion about how the relationship ended up loveless.

Moving on doesn’t have to be a difficult or negative situation if both parties agree to talk things out and part ways as friends who were amazing lovers at one point.  Many lessons can be learned while in a relationship that can help develop the skills needed to be an amazing companion for the next person.  There is a beginning and end to all things, and relationships are no different.  Love yourself enough and the person you are with to know when to walk away gracefully from a relationship that no longer has love at the center.


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