5 Tips To Pick The Perfect Apple Cider Vinegar

A bottle of filtered Apple Cider Vinegar isolated on white


From your mother and grandmother’s generation to some of your friends, there are a lot of people who know the benefits of apple cider vinegar.  But unfortunately, there are a number of people who are purchasing the wrong kind of ACV. 

One thing to remember when purchasing any kind of ACV is that your apple cider vinegar should be unpasteurized. Pasteurization is heating used to kill harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, the heating process will kill good bacteria as well. Which is why we need unpasteurized.

Here are five other tips to get the best apple cider vinegar:

The Uglier The Better

You will often find refined, clear, crystal and sparkling vinegar on the shelves in the supermarkets. They are beautiful but not the best. Ugliest is the best. The supermarket sparkling vinegar is processed, artificially flavored and may be overheated and pasteurized. Such types of vinegar is devoid of many healthy and beneficial micro-nutrients. However, some supermarkets may also sell the raw and organic. Make sure you read the label before you buy.

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No Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles may contain toxic material and any drink in contact with plastic material may have more harm than its benefits. Some companies might offer BPA free plastic bottles which are generally considered safer to use. However, my personal experience is that you will rarely find plastic bottles certified as BPA free.

Look For Certified

Buying certified organic is doing great justice to your health. Avoiding non-organic or GMO food is one of the…