Get It Custom: DIY Lip Colors

two lip gloss

When it comes to lipstick, finding the perfect color for you can be hard. There are so many options and whether it’s color, thickness or texture, you can spend years searching for your perfect lipstick. So rather than spend the next decade trying to endlessly search for that perfect shade, why not get creative and mix it up yourself? Just take out what you already own and start mixing! Just think of all the possibilities once you start blending up your own combinations. Follow these easy steps:

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1: Choose two (or more) lip colors to try.

2: Using a small palette knife or plastic knife, slice off a piece of each of the lipsticks you are wanting to mix.

3: Press and mix onto a clean palette or plate.

3: Blend with a clean lip or paint brush.

4: Once you finally get the color you like, place it into an empty makeup pot/container for later use.

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The great part about all of  this is the sky is the limit. This DIY project is reminiscent of grade school art class. You can take two completely different colors and mix them together in order to get a dramatic new one, or you can take two or more similar colors to get a slight variation. Keep in mind these basic combinations:

  • Dark Orange+Nude = Poppy
  • White + Berry = Mulberry
  • Bright Red + Blue = Purple

Happy Mixing!


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