5 Ways To Prevent Your ‘Last Nerve’ From Being Worked At Work

woman at clean desk

In today’s fast-paced world, it is no wonder that stress and anxiety play a huge role in many of our lives. Improper money management, scheduling and life in itself can cause emotional turmoil. Or, sometimes it isn’t that deep at all. It is possible to wake up feeling “blah” for no explainable reason. Before you panic and make yourself more anxious or sad, try these mood-enhancing solutions.

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1. Become more active. If you’re at your desk most of the day, stand up as often as possible. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take a brisk 10-minute walk. Walking produces stress-reducing hormones that promote alertness and cheerfulness.

2. Pack a balanced lunch. Eat foods rich in vitamin b, zinc and omega 3s. These nutrients have been proven to reduce stress levels. So don’t go for the pizza slice. Instead, have a tuna salad or grilled chicken wrap! Leafy green veggies are always a plus. Please remember to drink plenty of water, especially with lemon. The scent of citrus fruit can restore your energy pronto.


3. Prioritize and organize. Clutter and chaos are the two major causes of workplace anxieties. From stray files to scattered books, clutter can make you lose focus and stall productivity. Declutter your outer environment and…