Multi-Orgasmic: 5 Tips To Help You ‘Get There’

There are hundreds of articles written yearly advising women on how to reach orgasm, but rarely is the subject of being multi-orgasmic discussed in detail. This is probably because the average woman has difficulty with having a single orgasm during a typical sexual experience, and for many women this issue has been embraced and accepted as the norm. Every woman has the ability to orgasm, but she must first believe this is possible and then become educated about her own anatomy and how every part can work together to bring her euphoric pleasure as well as healing power.

Unlike the male sexual response cycle, the female sexual body is able to have multiple orgasms within one sexual experience and the process to get there isn’t difficult. However, becoming multi-orgasmic does require work and practice, much of which has everything to do with energy work before going into physical intercourse. To become multi-orgasmic is to become free and commanding of your own sexual energy as a woman, and from this your body will experience sensations like never before.

If you are interested in beginning the journey into becoming multi-orgasmic and having a command over full body orgasms, begin working on the suggested activities below and start your journey into sexual awakening.

1. Learn your anatomy.

Learning how your sexual body functions is the first step to becoming multi-orgasmic. The clitoris is responsible for the female orgasm, but there are also other spots within the vagina and around the vulva that can also encourage an orgasm when stimulated. Woman’s Anatomy of Sexual Arousal by Sheri Winston is the perfect book to help any woman discover her sexual anatomy and become educated about how it works and how to care for it.  Education is the first step in becoming multi-orgasmic.

2. Breathe into the vagina. 

Unlike male sexual energy that is contained within the pelvis, female sexual energy is contained within the brain and needs to be encouraged to move into the pelvis through meditation and breath work. During sex, the breath can become shallow causing the body to become overly excited. Instead of taking short, hyper breaths, relax and take deep breaths while sending them down into the pelvis to awaken the clitoris. The more energy you are able to concentrate in this area the better. With each breath you will be able to feel the energy within your pelvis become alive and your sexual organs will vibrate with excitement that is ready to be released.