How To Navigate The Holidays Without A COPD Attack

Pulling out decorations:

Most families take the few days after Thanksgiving to put on their favorite Christmas jams and pull out the decorations. However, those decorations have been in storage for the last year – which means, DUST. As a person with COPD, it’s crucial to keep your rescue inhaler nearby while pulling out the decorations. Also, make sure you wear a mask or scarf around your nose/mouth to protect yourself from any dust as you clean off your decorations.

Real Christmas trees:

As with many things of nature, freshly-cut Christmas trees come with their fair share of pollen and mold spores. All of this is bad for people with COPD. If you’re going with a fresh tree this Christmas, rinse it off with a water hose and let it dry in the driveway or garage before bringing it inside to decorate.