How To Polish With Your Non-Dominant Hand

woman polishing toes

Nail art can feel like grade school again when your trying to stay in between the lines. It gets even worse when you try to paint with your non-dominant hand. I’m guessing that unless you are ambidextrous, this is possibly one of the most awkward and hardest tasks you attempt to accomplish in your beauty routine. But, it doesn’t have to be.

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Play It Steady

Though there may be much comfier places to do your nails, the best results will come from you sitting in a place that has a sturdy flat surface. A desk or table are great options for this, as their surfaces are sturdy and will help you keep your hands steady. If you don’t have a flat surface around try resting your your arm on your knee.


Preparing for a manicure can lead to a better outcome. Try taking a small brush or Q-tip to apply a ring of Vaseline around your cuticles. This will help if you were to accidentally paint polish outside of the lines. The Vaseline will make it easy to wipe away uh-oh’s!

Foundation Is Everything

Just as you prep your face with makeup primer, you must use a base coat. It creates a smooth surface for the polish to cling to.

Less Is More

Using your less-skilled hand can be hard enough, let alone trying to use it with thick and goopy nail polish. Try using thin coats of polish and small strokes.

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Clean It Up

The clean up process may be the most important step in the perfect manicure process. A great tool to clean up any oopsies you’ve made is an angled eyeliner brush. Dip it into your polish remover and run it along the edges of your nails.


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