How to Protect Your Hair This Summer

woman sitting on beach with frizzy hairYou may be on vacation, but your hair is working to stay moisturized and strong. Subjecting your strands to scorching sun, chlorine and salt water damage and sweltering humidity can ruin summer fun. But the summer can be a time to rejuvenate not just your body and mind, but your hair as well. By protecting your hair from sun exposure plus replenishing the hair with vitamins and moisture, you can make sure your hair stays cool, cute and healthy. Design Essentials® has tips for how to combine protective styling with the right products for successful summer hair.


The box braids that were popular in the 90s are back and allow hair to take a break from styling for the summer. Just because you’re taking a break from styling doesn’t mean you’re taking a break from good hair care. With braids, it’s still important to shampoo and condition your own hair while in braids with products like Moisture Retention Conditioning Shampoo and Express Instant Moisturizing Conditioner. You can also apply Reflections Liquid to human or synthetic braids for added shine.