How To Recognize And Prevent Stroke

A stroke occurs when something interferes with the blood supply to part of the brain, or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, according to the CDC. When this occurs, the parts of the brain that lose blood supply become damaged or die.

Strokes can lead to lasting brain damage, long term disability, and even death. Because each part of the brain has a different function, from memory and speech to movement and cognition, the effects of stroke depend on the area of the brain that was affected.

While Strokes account for 1 out of 20 deaths in Americans, African Americans are nearly twice as likely to suffer a stroke than whites and have the highest death rate associated with the condition.

Early recognition of stroke symptoms is critical to saving lives and limiting brain damage. Remembering the first three letters of the word stroke, STR, can give you a quick assessment of someone who may be suffering from a stroke:

S – Ask the person to SMILE or STICK out their tongue. If there is a droop in their smile or their