Hypertension In African Americans

man clutching chest

Among the various categories of CVD, coronary heart
disease (CHD) is the largest single cause of death in the American population.
When African Americans are compared to whites in this category, it is seen that
blacks have a higher death rate in the younger age groups but a lower rate at
older ages. Overall, CHD death rates in 1995 for black males were 133.1 per 1000
compared to 124.4 per 1000 for white males, or 7 percent higher in blacks; the
rates for black women were more than 35 percent higher than for white women
(81.6 versus 60.3 per 1000, respectively).

Heart attack event rates are higher for non-black men ages 65-74, but the
rate is more than twice as high for black as compared to white women in that
same age group. New and recurrent heart attacks occur more frequently in African
Americans men than in white men only in the 75-84 age category; in younger as
well as in older age groups, white men have more heart attacks than do African
Americans men. In addition, Gillum analyzed data from NHANES2 I and
found that the age-adjusted risk for