I want the protection from PrEP but I hate taking pills!! (part 3 of 3)

well-studied combination is called Cabotegravir. In addition to effective treatment, it is being studied as a form of injectable PrEP. Cabotegravir belongs to the class of HIV drugs called integrase inhibitors. These drugs prevent the HIV virus from incorporating its genes into our genes and thereby blocks the infection process. They are the most powerful drugs we have so far and are included in many combination tablets, like Triumeq, Genvoya, and Biktavry

Another option being explored as a long-acting product is for ladies only (injectable cabotegravir is for anyone). An HIV medicine called Dapivirine, related to rilpivirine and efavirenz, has been formulated into a vaginal ring. The ring is inserted into the vagina and the medicine is slowly released into vaginal tissues over the period of one month.

The concentration of Dapivirine in the vagina is high enough to protect the woman if she is sexually-exposed to HIV. The ring can be removed and reinserted whenever the woman wants.

However, we aren’t certain how long the ring has to be in place to provide protection. In studies, the ring offers some protection but not surprisingly, it must be used in order to be effective.

Most women feel comfortable using the ring and their partners are often