If You Want Love, Find Comfort In Who You Are

African American woman natural hair outsideSometimes the amount in which we love ourselves pales in comparison to how much even our pet might care for us.

That is the cold, harsh truth.

Everyone in search of love questions themselves and their tactics and if THEY are at fault for not finding it. Although sometime we are at fault, it may not be attributed to shallow reasons such as physical appearance, but the more complicated fact that we do not love ourselves.

We have to set the example of self-worth and knowing what we bring to the relationship before anyone else can value us. If you don’t know your worth then you cannot expect anyone else to. The outside assets that you possess like money, clothes and looks are irrelevant if self-love is inadequate.

Just saying that you love yourself is not enough. A lot of people say it to trick themselves into believing it to no avail. There are five ways that you can gauge whether or not you need to work on self-love before finding it with someone else. If you answer yes to any of the following, take the time and steps to grow your self-worth.

1. Seeing your self-worth through others

To some extent, all of us care about what others think and that is natural. However, if concerns for what others think is a constant theme with you, then you need to step up your self-love. You are confident in yourself and happy with the pursuit of perfection when self-love exists. You are able to face your imperfections with security and confidence because you are a work in progress.