I’m Abstinent, Should I Still Get Tested?

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It is a common belief that being tested for sexually transmitted diseases or infections during abstinence is unnecessary, but contrary to popular belief being tested even while in the midst of sexual inactivity is necessary and highly recommended.

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Fact of the matter is, deciding to abstain from sexual activity is the most effective means of preventing the contraction and spread of sexually transmitted diseases, however, being abstinent does not insure that you are STD free. Making the decision to become sexually active places a person at risk for contracting STDs, and unfortunately many of these infections don’t show any symptoms.

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A person can be a carrier and not be aware of it because these infections can lie dormant for days or even years at a time without producing any signs of their presence. The only way to truly know you are STD free is to get tested and it is critical for individuals who are choosing to abstain to get tested at the beginning of their abstinence and before resuming sexual activity.

Getting tested while abstinent isn’t an admission to having something but rather a fulfillment of a civic duty to not only care for yourself but also for the well-being of others in maintaining optimal health.

If test results come back positive during a period of abstinence, there is no need to panic. All STDs are treatable. Knowing is better than harboring an infection that can cause major health complications if left untreated.  If the vow of abstinence lasts longer than a year, being tested every three to six months is recommended.

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Being abstinent can help with deepening your connection with yourself and give you the freedom to place focus on personal and professional development.  If abstinence is on your radar, make the commitment to STD testing during the process.


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