3 Immune-Boosting, Flu-Fighting, Feel-Better Soups

High Angle View of Various Comforting and Savory Gourmet Soups Served in Bread Bowls and Handled Dishes and Topped with Variety of Garnishes on Table Surface with Gray Tablecloth

Right now anyone and everyone is looking for ways to boost their immune system. It’s important that we all keep our immune systems strong to not only fight off colds and flu, but any sort of virus as well. It’s hard to get all of that in ONE food, that’s why it’s great to have a soup or stew that combines all the immune-boosting foods to help feed your body what it needs to fight off anything coming it’s way. And these three soup recipes not only taste great, they also boost your immune system! See below for the recipes:

Soul Food Cabbage Soup