In A Word: Water Is ‘Life’

5 glasses of waterWater is the essential life source.  It’s the key to prevention, healing and helps to filter toxins out the body.  More abundant than rain, more than 70 percent of the Earth is covered with it.  We dance in it, play in it, consume it and cleanse with it.  Yes, thankfully, water is everywhere!

Over the past two decades, Americans’ drinking passions have shifted significantly.  We now drink water more than any other beverage.  Second only to oxygen, water is a healer.  It accounts for 70 percent of our total body weight.  Each cell of the body needs water to carry out its functions. The kidneys eliminate a pint of fluid per day to prevent toxin build-up.

Water supplies oxygen and nutrients to cells, and removes cellular waste through the blood and lymphatic systems, hydrates the skin, acts as a shock absorber for bones, muscles, joints and transports vitamins, minerals, proteins and sugars for assimilation.  Water also acts as the body’s air conditioner by expelling internal heat through perspiration.

It may sound unbelievable, but it’s true: A person might survive for 30-to-45 days without food, but without water, we would die in 10 days or after a 10% water loss—whichever came first.  Amounts in excess of six to eight (16oz.) glasses per day are needed to fight off colds and other respiratory impairments.  Thirst is a signal to your body that you need water.  However, in most cases, thirst occurs after the body has already become dehydrated.  It is best to keep your body hydrated with water before one becomes thirsty.

Bottled water is the fastest growing beverage in the marketplace.  One of every 17 families in the United States regularly purchases bottled water.  Its manufacturers usually remove any harmful organisms by means of ultra-violent light methods, or by ozonation (a purification method where Ozone gas is added to water as a disinfectant to kill dangerous bacteria).

A general rule of purchase:

Unlike deep-well water, which is pumped up, spring water rises to the surface under its own pressure.  Natural spring water undergoes no processing from the source to the container that we, as consumers, purchase.  When purchasing spring water, look for the label to read “bottled at the source.”  When only the words “spring water” are used, the water may have been modified in some way. Keep in mind, the word “spring” is no indication as to purity of content.

Mineral water is water that contains dissolved minerals.  Actually, all water other than distilled water fits this definition.  The use of the word “natural” means that the minerals were all there when the water was removed from the ground. The description “mineral water,” without the word natural means that some minerals have been removed or introduced.

Seltzer water, a man-made sparkling water, is generally…