In Conversation With Gospel Recording Artist Phil Thompson

The act of worship is transcendent. For any believer, the praise and worship part of the church is like being served dessert in the middle of an already delicious dinner. You might know Phil from Boston-based gospel group, Ashmont Hill. The quartet consisted of three of Phil’s eight siblings and his sister’s husband.

Phil has since decided to embark on an amazing solo career. Phil Thompson’s life has been a true testimony to the power of worship. The man responsible for the Billboard #1 hit “My Worship” comes from a family of dedicated servants to Christ. All eight of his siblings are somehow involved in the ministry.

In a candid interview with one of gospel’s finest Phil opened up about his childhood and what led him to create one of the most beautiful pieces of music in the midst of a storm. BlackDoctor was privileged to sit with this true visionary and inspiration. Maybe you too can worship the Lord while going through your challenging season. Warning: you may be inspired to change!

Tell us a little bit about your background. Who is Phil Thompson?
I’m one of eight siblings. My dad is a pastor, so I’m a preacher’s kid. One interesting thing people don’t know is how my dad used to wake all eight of us up at 5 am every morning for devotions.

We would go down to the living room to worship and pray. Proverbs has 31 chapters, so we would read a chapter according to the day of the month. I have read