I Just Ordered My Ancestry DNA Kit & Here’s My Predictions

When I think of my family and our history, I realize that I’m really a lucky woman. As the grandchild of a black militant, Muslim woman who was also an educator, entrepreneur, community leader, wife, and mother of six, I stand before you as a testament to courage, will and desire. Knowing who my grandmother was and my father, who was also a Muslim entrepreneur, writer, and educator, now both deceased, I couldn’t help but wonder, where did these great minds come from?

Like many Blacks today, we face a broken aspect of our culture that seems like it could never be fixed. That is until science stepped up and finally gave us something that could help aid our unknown lineage. Accessible DNA testing. This DNA Kit will not only give me the percentages of my genetic makeup but also answer the questions I’ve always wanted to know.

So how does it work?

I ordered my kit from Ancestry.com for $79 but there are even better ones like AfricanAncestry.com that can delve even deeper into your African lineage and find the exact tribe you came from, however it does come at a hefty price of $299.

You have to spit into a clear tube, register your kit number online, then mail it off to the testing lab. This part was a tad bit disgusting but I bared it. It also noted that it would take 6-8 weeks to process and my results would be uploaded to their website.

Since I couldn’t hold my