Is CoolSculpt For Weight Loss The Next Big Thing?

The phrase “freezing your butt” off just started to make a little more sense. I’m sure you’ve heard of liposuction, but have you heard of “coolsculpting”? This outpatient procedure is the new cool-hot thing to do for people looking to get rid of unwanted fat without going under the knife.

In 2008 doctors from the Wellman Center at Massachusetts General Hospital built upon research from 1970 and started to test what was then called “cold-induced fat necrosis” on pigs. The experiment worked out so well they called the procedure cryolipolysis also known as “coolsculpting”.

What is CoolSculpting?
This procedure uses cold temperature to break down fat cells. Your body has certain fat cells that just won’t go away. Coolsculpting freezes off these fat cells using controlled cooling technology. Over a span of a few weeks, the body starts to naturally process the fat and eliminate those freshly killed fat cells.

The results are long-term because the fat cells don’t exist anymore. The dead cells eliminated by this procedure naturally leave the body through a normal elimination process. Any area that was not treated won’t change in fat cell distribution. Ready to sign up yet?

What to Expect During This Process
Your first step will be