4 Times When Regular Fat Is Better Than Low Fat

Salad Dressing
Low fat typically means added sugar or salt and when it comes to no-fat salad dressing, that can mean a loss of important nutrients. “Zero-fat salad dressing is a big no-no because the fat helps us absorb carotenoids—the nutrient-rich compounds found in the vegetables in our salads,” says Dawn Jackson Blatner, author of The Flexitarian Diet.

Peanut Butter
Ever wonder how they make peanut butter low fat? They remove the fat and replace it with sugar. Instead of low-fat peanut butter, buy all-natural which has heart-healthy fats.

Baked Goods

Dare to compare the long list of mystery ingredients in pre-packaged reduced-fat baked goods with the handful of recognizable ingredients like flour, eggs and sugar in fresh baked items and the healthier choice should be obvious. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, buy fresh bakery items made with full-fat oils, or bake your own goodies at home.


The trend these days is to eat only the eggs whites to cut out fat and cholesterol, but the yolk contains choline, a compound for brain health, and other healthy nutrients. If cooking multiple eggs, mix at least one yolk in with your whites to get maximum benefits.


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