Is The 80/20 Rule Still Valid? 3 Signs That You May Be Settling

Dating Desire

Nobody’s perfect, right? Well there’s some truth to that and there is also a big, bold lie wrapped up in there as well. Sometime we fool ourselves into believing age-old myths about relationships that was handed down to us by our parents, friends, pastors, etc. But in reality, 100% can exist for you. I’m no relationship expert, just a brother who’s been in more than a few relationships and have taken the time to learn from them all.

So, with that, here’s three ways you may be settling in your current relationship.

1. You believe that ALL men/women do “x” – Whatever that “x” may be: cheat, lie, cover up, have stinky feet, whatever…if you believe that they all do, then you may be settling for less than what you deserve. Here’s a newsflash for you: not all men or women are the same! Just because your ex did it, doesn’t mean that he/she will either. It sounds simple enough but on of the top three complaints that dating men and women in serious relationships (2 years or more) state that they dislike being compared to previous lovers/mates.

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And, just a side note: be careful who you bring into your relationship. You can look at your partner all you want, but if you keep bringing up something that your ex did, you are bringing him or her into your current relationship. Don’t speak them into existence. They are an ex for a reason, leave them there.

2. You’re not happy alone (not in bed) – this can be a recipe for disaster. If you and your partner can’t enjoy a stimulating conversation with just the two of you, then you may be settling. If the only satisfaction you can find is when you have sex, then yes, you are probably settling. Sex can sometimes, (let me take that back)…Sexy can cloud our judgement MOST of the time, and allow us to make concessions for our mate.

So before you get even more “into” him or her, see what similarities you have. Can you just sit in a quiet room together and be content? Can you watch the same shows and enjoy them? Does he/she add to you mentally? If you don’t know the answers to these, find out.

And last but not least…