It’s Time For 3D Weight Loss: Stop Digesting Debt, Discord & Drama!


Dr. Chandra Gill

Dr. Chandra Gill

Are you tired of struggling and suffering from stuff as old as beepers and flip phones? Have you yet figured out why there seems to be little progress in your life, despite all of what you claim you want for your life? Will you finally do whatever it takes to get over the bait of bitterness and brokenness for once and for all?


GENTLE WARNING: This is only for those that are ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired.’ Simply put, if you’re truly ready to live a healthier more complete life, free from excuses, people and things that hurt more than help, this column is for you! For it is certainly time to HEAL don’t you think? You do want better for your life right? Ready to lose that other weight?

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From generational curses in our families to inter-generational calamity in our communities, far too many of us are entrapped in situations that threaten our strengths and success. However, if we’re honest, some of our current conditions are a sole result of our own choices and decisions. Period! Yet, what we continue to hear in our communities, playing like an all-time great Blues hit, is the oh so popular question, “But what’s the solution?” I don’t know about you, but I’m truly tired of that question. It’s as if we’re inept and incapable of identifying the root cause of our own problems while also daring to finally solve them! This thinking can no longer be if you’re serious about enhancing the quality of your life.

If you’re ready to assume full responsibility, let’s take personal inventory and start our development diet, shall we:

DEBT is huge on the diet list as it brings super life to the age-old adage, “Stress Kills!” When we’re stressed, we typically eat what we don’t need and spend what we don’t have. Making a decision to get rid of debt is paramount to your financial health. Why continue to travel the path of charging things you can’t afford on high interest credit cards? Not only so, why spend more than what you have saved or invested?

Don’t believe the hype! Sure, you only ‘live once’ but you can surely live better too! Only in our communities do we overwhelmingly stand in long lines, with short money, to purchase things we cannot afford. This is a vicious cycle: You either eat or shop to fill the deeper voids in your life but these are the exact things that deepen the voids in your life. It’s time to finally clean your financial house of folly. Remember, debt begets stress and stress begets more debt. Take charge and own all of your issues. Don’t continue to charge stuff you can’t afford while you ignore your issues. Move from a consumer mentality to an owner reality. Deciding to own up to your stuff can open you up to someday owning your own business. But consuming so much keeps you in this cycle of bad business. If you want a stress-less life, start the path of a debt-less life.

DISCORD is a messy reality to live in. Sadly, though, there are many that only sow and know discord in their relationships. A great mistake you make is in believing this to be normal, thus you accept it as some small thing. So not true! Often rooted in self-hate, insecurity and immaturity, people who sow discord cause tremendous turmoil in the lives of others.

Your attempt at a wellness wardrobe will never survive the knock-off designer of discord, posing as some affordable asset. Be it your co-workers, family or even long-term relationships, if someone in your life brings you down just by showing up, is it not time to reassess and readjust? I don’t care how long you’ve known someone, if a majority of your interactions with them are now gossipy, messy or even deflating, it’s your time to court the opposite of discord. Say it with me: Today is a great day to cut the unhealthy cord of Discord.