Jamie Foxx: Says His Sister With Down’s Syndrome Is The Real Star!

extend her life. It’s tough because she is grown, and she says, ‘I’m eatin’ it!’ It’s not always glory, it’s not always glamorous. Sometimes it just is what it is and you have to deal with it.”

(Photo credit: Babycenter.com)

By the time DeOndra graduated from high school in 2002, Foxx had made it big in L.A. “I said, ‘She’s going to live with me,'” remembers Foxx, who already had his other sister Deidra, 34, a hairstylist on his movies, living with him.

Then the stepfather he calls Pops and his mother moved in as well. “Moving my family in with me is nothing but nonstop laughter and kickin’ it,” says Foxx. “And a little work.”

Whether that work is Jamie helping her with her eating habits or them working together at an event, for DeOndra, it’s all love.

“I’m happy to have a big brother to count on,” she says simply, “who I love every day.”

photo courtesy of Jamie Foxx Instagram

(Photo credit Jamie Foxx Instagram)

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