Jill Scott: Her Body, Her Love, And The Beauty Of Being A Woman

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(Photo courtesy of @missjillscott twitter)

Singer, spoken-word poet, writer, actress — is all wrapped up into the beautiful woman known as Jill Scott. Her creativity in poetry and music has earned the multi-talented Scott three Grammy Awards and counting.

It’s hard to believe its been nearly 20 years have passed since Scott’s debut album, “Who Is Jill Scott?” dropped — for the singer as much as anyone.

“I know,” Scott said. “It’s crazy that time has flown by like this. I crack up over it and I’m also bewildered. Can you believe this? A woman came up to me and said, ‘I gave birth to my son with your music in the background.’

“I said, ‘you’ve got to be kidding.’ But she wasn’t. It was surreal. She was 27. She listened to me in high school and now she’s a grown woman with a son and a job.”

The same can be said for Scott. She’s a grown woman with a 7-year old son and a beautiful career. “I’m well aware of how fortunate I am. How many people get to do what they love?”

Now, 48 years young, Jilly from Philly reveals what’s really on her heart.

Photo courtesy of @missjillscott twitter

(Photo courtesy of @missjillscott twitter)

On Weight Loss

“I eat healthfully and work out, and balance it with rest. I’m grateful all of this [fame and success] started when I was fully an adult. The first 2 years I went like a crazy person, from this country to the next. And I had pneumonia four times in a year.

I learned early on that maintenance is super-valuable in this business. I ride my bike for 8 to 10 miles pretty much every day. Sometimes I’ve ridden for 20 miles and I don’t know it until I have rubber bands for legs, particularly when something heavy is on my mind.”

“But sometimes I get up and do it and other times, I don’t. But I forgive myself. If all you’re worried about is the size of my jeans, then I’m probably not for you.”

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On Sex

“I like to coerce. I like to be seductive. I’m old school. I like the old style of seduction. There’s more to being a woman and a lady that bending over and showing how your butt moves. I like eye contact and I like to be a little bit more seductive.”

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On ‘Who Is Jill Scott’?

“To be so definitive about who you are is always a challenge because I don’t know what tomorrow will bring that could change me forever. Today, I am a person that enjoys putting my hands in the dirt and growing my food. I am a person who still takes long walks. I’m a voyeur. I like to watch people live, laugh and have conversations. I’m an “ear-hustler.” I like to read. It’s imperative that I get rest, I’ve learned. I’m a romantic. My child comes before everything. I have a whole new reason to exist and it’s better than anything I’ve ever done. I’m on a mission, that I do know.”

On Being A Woman

“One of the biggest aspects of being a woman, being an adult, thoroughly and authentically, is holding yourself accountable. I’m looking at what’s been done but also what part I had to play in my own joy or demise.”