Join Chef Timothy Moore’s Health Challenge!

lettuce with vegetables and boiled eggs( — Take the pledge and join into Chef Timothy’s Health Challenge!

This Challenge is dedicated to helping you make the best choices which will allow you to achieve overall health and a better quality of life.

The Challenge…

I am committed to my health and I am taking Chef Timothy’s Holiday Challenge! This year, as I celebrate my health and enjoy of my family and friends, I will make food choices that support my health.

For the next 8 weeks, I promise to…

• Eat at least two medium salad every day and no processed dressings
• Eat generous amounts of cooked green vegetables, mushrooms, and onions
• Eat some form of beans every day
• Eat at least two fresh pieces fruits every day
• Avoid all white flour
• Avoid sugars and artificial sweeteners (your body knows sugar)
• Use no oils of any kind

Also, from this moment on, I will not allow my peer to pressure me or tempting toxic foods to derail me from my health goals. I will not compromise my health to please anyone. I will be an example of health to those around me.

Are You Ready To Make A Life Change??

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