Kathy Drayton: Holding The Key To Transformation

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Originally from Alaska, fitness trainer Kathy Drayton can been just about anywhere online when it comes to health and fitness. She and her husband, Luther Freeman, who’s known for her incredible success in the fitness industry, teamed up and created a successful personal training business. However, Kathy wasn’t always the healthy, and famous shape she’s known for.

Drayton wanted to become a model for agencies in Miami and Tampa, Florida, but she was rejected because she “wasn’t what they were looking for.” Needless to say, the event shocked Kathy, which made her determined to find a way to succeed.

After getting both the mental and physical keys of fitness down, Kathy eventually transformed her body, went from 118 pounds to 157 pounds, developed a huge popularity online, and is now an inspiration to fans worldwide.

(Photo credit: Instagram)

“No- I did not wake up like this or that,” Kathy shares via Instagram. “I actually started at a very small and straight up & down 118 lbs with NO LEGS or BUTT!!”

“I work for it. Constantly. Just like you have to. It’s not ‘good genetics.’ No- I don’t LOVE working out or eating clean everyday. (I like wings and pizza too shoooot!) I do it because our program is the perfect combination, it works amazing to help my efforts equal results!”

“Yes- I love myself at all stages of development. I appreciate this body for keeping up with my heart and my goals. I understand that hating any part of me is not productive and doesn’t make me a better woman in any area.”

“Yes- I will continue working on me. Mind. Body. Spirit. This is an ongoing project one worth the investment.”

“Real recognizes real as Love recognizes Love. I want to encourage you to remember that you deserve the best, but you gotta develop and define that with your actions.”

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Here are just a few key areas in which she transformed:

One of the secrets to her success is the specific diet she has, which often varies depending on her goals.

By reducing sugar intake, and by eating healthy proteins, fats, and vegetables, Kathy manages to stay in shape throughout the year.

Here is an example of some low sugar, alkaline-rich foods:

Egg whites
Extra lean chicken
Extra lean turkey
White fish

Sweet potato
Wild rice

Coconut oil
Fish oil capsules
Egg yolks

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Math is also incredibly important body transformation. Kathy and her husband have created a system that allows for maximum fat loss in a short amount of time. Here is an general example of the math needed for someone wanting to transform beyond the 1-2 pounds per week in 30 days:

Take your weight and multiply it by 15 for a man, and 10 for a woman. Thats how many calories you should have per day assuming you’re training so hard you feel like you’ll break if you fall down. Each week your diet will more than likely change depending on how your body responds to the not only the nutrition,