Kelly Rowland: “Celebrate Yourself”

 (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Ms. Kelly, baby! She is “EVERYTHING” and for good reason. When you have a career as long and successful as Kelly Rowland’s – spanning nearly two decades with chart-topping anthems like “Survivor” as part of Destiny’s Child and “Motivation” from her solo success –  you pick up a few things along the way that outshine even platinum plaques (which she has many). Like spring flowers, Rowland has blossomed into her own woman full of strength, courage, wisdom, with a perfect balance of grace and flyness.

The Grammy Award-winning singer and actress recently spoke to and about her daily “motivation,” the joys of being a new wife and mother, and the health condition that snuck up on her in her 30’s.

On self-care and why she’s not focused on how she looks:

I still feel like I’m a work in progress as far as getting back down to — I have a goal in my head of how I want my body to feel. It’s not about how I want my body to look. I think that as women we have to really be cognizant of that because we shouldn’t want to specifically look like anything as much as we should feel good about ourselves. And whether that’s drinking a lot of water or eating foods that you know, may not cause [allergy] flare ups. Like, I have to stay away from dairy because that causes flare ups for me and sometimes in my allergies as well. But just like, really giving your body things that it needs as far as nutrition is concerned, especially after having a baby. Like, you’re pouring everything into your baby.

The women out there are pouring everything into their relationships, their husbands. Some are still thinking about work, and it’s just important that you take at least 20 minutes a day just to pour back into yourself, whether that’s with working out, whether that’s with meditation, whether that’s with looking at yourself in the mirror at the top of the day saying, ‘I just had a child but I look DAMN good and I’m healthy, my child is healthy,’ you know what I mean? It’s just really like, just saying it out of your mouth, pouring back into yourself because the rest of the world will literally suck everything out of you that if you don’t take that moment for yourself you’re going to continuously feel empty.