DIY Kerry Washington’s Faux Bob

kerry washington faux bob 3

Want to be completely on hair trend? Then try stealing Kerry Washington’s beautiful faux bob. Yes, FAUX! This means that you can have the look of a bob, without the separation anxiety attack you may get from chopping off your locks.

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To successfully get this rising beauty’s look, celebrity hairstylist Frank Barbosa says, “Tucking gives the illusion of shorter hair without cutting your locks off. There are many variations to tucking including a vintage version that includes a flashback to the 50’s, or even looks from the 20’s. To veer away from a conventional one, opt for an asymmetrical or A-Line tuck with longer tendrils cascading or even add a braid.”

The faux bob is a very versatile look, great for that hot date, office party or even just a day at the mall. Here’s how to complete the look:

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Step One: 

You will need a workable hair spray like IT&LY Pure Definition. A workable spray will keep the style in place, while giving you the texture and/or smooth finish and shine that you will want/need. Once you have determined where you want your part, texture and fringe to be you are ready to go. Having done this, you have completed the foundation of your look and are ready to move on to the next step.

Step Two: 

Gather the bottom portion of your hair (loosely), and start rolling and tucking them under near your neck. Secure with plenty of bobby pins. If you have straightened hair use a paddle brush to smooth if the sleek look is what you are going for. If you have wavy/curly hair just use your fingers to position hair the way you’d like.

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Step Three: 

Once you have everything tucked and in place, play with the hair a bit in order to puff out or mold the sides. If you are seeking added volume try using a playful headband, use a rat tail comb to pull and lift pieces in order to create a bulkier look. Finish off by spraying more of the workable spray.

Voila! You have now created a daring and darling look that you can translate from the day into the night!

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