Kognito: Virtual Humans Improving Doctor-Patient Engagement & Outcomes

BlackDoctor.Org recently had the opportunity to speak with Kognito CEO Ron Goldman about the company and how it is revolutionizing doctor-patient relations, as well as practitioner communication through virtual reality simulations utilizing real conversation and role play.

Goldman told BDO that “Kognito is a health simulation company, concentrating on harnessing the power of the conversation with virtual humans to improve health. Our work targets both the health care providers as well as patients and their caregivers”.

In essence, the software developed by Kognito has the ability to improve doctor-patient interactions and outcomes through situational training geared to dealing with specific conditions and those commonly affected.

What Goldman and the team at Kognito have been able to do is integrate the power of gaming technology with research in neuroscience and social cognition into a platform that transforms the current behavior modification model. To date, according to