LaRoyce Hawkins: A Voice for the Culture

…guys like him. I pull references for this character from Harvey, Illinois — which in my humble opinion is one of the greatest microcosms of Chicago. There’s good, there’s bad, there’s ugly. But it’s where I’m from. Harvey raised me. And it’s what breathes life into this character.”

As a theater major at Illinois State University, he realized something else about himself: “I discovered that I was a soft narcoleptic.”

Huh? What? LOL

If you leave me alone long enough with my eyes closed in a dark space, it just kind of happens, whether I’m supposed to be asleep or not. I just kind of knock out. My colleagues now at ‘Chicago P.D.,’ we’ll go to the movies and they’ll just know for a fact that I’m going to be asleep by the middle of it.”

(Photo credit: Instagram)

So what’s next for LaRoyce? Well, he’s a standup comic, a spoken word artist, and a musician.

“As a vocalist, musical ranger, things like that, the harmonica is probably the only instrument I play,” explains Hawkins to TheKnockturnal. Me and my little brother make music, we’ve got EPs and things like that we are going to be dropping. I think that’s where the word musician comes from, but between me and you, ‘musician’ was never a title that I gave myself. But I do music and like I said, I’ve been working on the harmonica for a few years, but with my musical experience, I guess it just kind of stuck…I consider myself more of a vibe warrior than anything, which just means I got a bunch of different gifts that I can tap into and I just intend to motivate and inspire as often as I can.”

Keep working in your gift young brother. We appreciate you.