Lawrence Robinson: Making It Happen, One Dimple At A Time

(Photo credit: @Lawrencehrobinson instagram)

With the hit HBO hit series, Insecure, many are familiar with the fictional character Lawrence who is handsome and tries to navigate his way in and out of relationships while trying to get himself together.

Well, in real life, there is a handsome Lawrence–Lawrence Robinson, actually–who seems to have bypassed all of that drama and is making his real-life living as a model and actor.

When we first received a few emails about Mr. Robinson, his picture was being shared on a variety of social media platforms like many “Man Crush Monday”-worthy men. But there was something different about Lawrence. With one take you’d be able to tell too: it was his incredible smile and boyish dimples that continues to make the ladies go crazy and fuel his modeling career.

(Photo credit: @Lawrencehrobinson instagram)

Complete with dimples, Mr. Robinson makes smiling look effortless and is clearly enjoying life. While the dimples set him apart, he also has a certain dimeanor that is humble, not afraid to laugh and one who cherishes family and friends.

“I live for the nights that I can’t remember with the people that I won’t forget,” writes Robinson in one of his instagram posts.

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On the acting side, Robinson is probably best known for his work in the 2015 film, Brotherly Love, with Romeo Miller and Keke Palmer.

(Photo credit: @Lawrencehrobinson instagram)

Robinson is also a loving father to a son, as anyone can tell via his social media pages. He loves being a father and is dedicated to being an incredible role model for the next generation.

For more on this “Black Man Magic, check out his photos below or on his instagram.

(Photo credit: @Lawrencehrobinson instagram)