Leggings For Losing Weight? Yes, Please!

African American Black woman stretching exercise outdoors leggings

Clothing that helps you lose weight?! Sign me up! This is exactly what the new activewear brand Physiclo is promising. Their new line of leggings come with a promise to make your workouts more efficient, contributing to additional weight loss. Physiclo is calling this new line of clothing their resistance training wear. The name is simply a reflection of the mechanisms behind the activewear. The leggings are constructed with resistance bands inside of them, very similar to ones that you would use at the gym.

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The resistance bands come in the form of “power panels” that make everyday and extraneous movement more difficult. Physiclo founders Keith Smart and Frank Yao say that after several prototypes they have created leggings that are “optimized for balance between impact (resistance) and comfort.”

According to them, while they were in medical school, “We were seeing a lot of patients in the clinics suffering from poor lifestyle habits, namely lack of exercise … That’s when we came up with the idea of incorporating exercise resistance bands, commonly used in rehab medicine and physical therapy, into workout clothing.”