Actor Leon Robinson: “Seize The Day”

… lower incidence of hyperlipidemia (the single most meaningful predictor of coronary heart disease). Tennis players older than 55 sported significantly better blood-cholesterol profiles.

II. Bones and  Hand-Eye Coordination

In study after study, tennis was found to help bones in both sexes and in all ages. Those who started playing at a young age showed a stronger correlation than those who started at an older age, but healthier bones were maintained even after players decreased their participation. In an analysis of the impact of aging on coordination using tennis players and non-players 20 to 80, non-players showed an increasing decline in their ability to respond with advancing age, while tennis players showed no decline in response at different ages. Researchers cited evidence that in honing focus, tennis outperforms golf, running, weightlifting, inline skating and downhill skiing.

Leon continues to act and perform with his band Leon & The Peoples.  For more information on celebrity health, click here.