Live Better With Diabetes – 10 Essential Steps

A diabetic woman testing her blood glucose level( — Diabetes success is measured by how well you can control your blood sugar. There are 3.2 million Blacks living with diabetes, and one of the major challenges they face is managing their disease with proper diet, regular exercise, and medication.

However, many factors can affect blood sugar besides diet and activity, and employing some simple steps and strategies in your everyday routine can help not only live a better life, but possibly avoid a trip to the emergency room.

Do a Quick Body Scan

As you dry off from your shower each day, inspect your body head to toe. Look for dry, red, or sore spots that could become infected. Don’t forget the places where moisture can hide and bacteria can grow. Check under your arms and breasts, and between your legs and toes. Pay special attention to your feet. Use a mirror to help you see all over and treat injuries quickly.

Make Insulin Work for Your Lifestyle