#LooksGoodFeelsGood: Elise Neal, 51, Gets You Bodied With Her Bootcamps

Elise Neal

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Elise Neal, who graced the January 2017 cover of Black Fitness Today magazine, continues to amaze social media with how physically fit and extremely youthful she is at 51.

With the buzz surrounding her health and fitness accomplishments, the actress announced recently plans to host more fitness boot camps, #EliseBodyBootCamp, as well as traveling to Jamaica to host a “Fit Trip” later this year in November.

Neal rocked her first bootcamp during the 2017 Super Bowl weekend.

“I’m not sad about being 51. I love how I feel. I won my age,” told the site XONecole in an interview.

Neal is currently gracing the big screen alongside Hugh Jackman in the movie Logan. While out promoting the movie, she took time to speak with PEOPLE magazine. She told the publication that she maintains a very precise fitness schedule regardless of whether or not she is preparing for a film role. Fitness is and has always been a lifestyle for the actress given that she started dancing at six years old.

“I train and work out really hard regardless of whether I’m in a film or if I have to do something physical for a project or not. I’ve enjoyed being fit my whole life,” Neal said.