Man Loses Over 150 pounds By Going Vegan: “Follow Your Own Path”

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Meet Marlon, better known as on instagram. His story is amazing! He was over 350 pounds and had a host of health problems. It wan’t until he watched a documentary, “What The Health?” that sent him on a path to change his life for the better. We knew, upon hearing his story, that we had to honor him. Now, losing nearly 150 pounds, he shares his journey in his own words.

“My name is Marlon Rison, and I’m a 45-year-old Texan who began living a vegan lifestyle a little over a year ago after watching ‘What the Health?'” explains Marlon to “I immediately knew where my life was headed. I woke up the next day, cleaned out my fridge and haven’t looked back.”

“I’m passionate about the changes I’ve made, and I strive daily to be an inspiration to others through social media and in person.”

“I think I always knew I’d choose veganism at some point in my life. I constantly seek knowledge and enlightenment. Veganism is clearly the path for me. My first venture into the lifestyle, in July 2017, was purely a healthy choice. Once I knew that I needed to eat life in order to LIVE there was no turning back. I jumped in feet first or maybe it was head first, but either way, I was all in.”

(Photo credit: instagram)

“As I dug deeper into the lifestyle, my appreciation for all sentient beings evolved and I have become much more compassionate to the plight of animals raised for the sole purpose of food consumption (with no choice in the matter). In addition to becoming healthier, I am a much better person for the change.”

Being vegan touches every part of my life, and my philosophy is that we may pay a little more on the front end when purchasing quality products from responsible companies, but that’s far better than paying greatly on the back end by suffering from disease, perpetuating animal cruelty and destroying our planet.

As a parent, I believe in teaching my children through my example. My oldest son, Collin, is following my lead and helping me spread the message about the vegan lifestyle. He is in the transition phase but knows plenty about the benefits and is focused on upgrading his lifestyle. Teens can be a completely different issue. I don’t pressure them but I do educate them on the benefits of foresight and taking care of your body. Over time, they have tried more vegan dishes and continue to experiment but it is a work in progress. The advantage I have is there are few if any animal food products in the household.

When asked about his favorite vegan recipe, the man has many! He honestly makes vegan food look good!

“I believe I’m a pretty good cook—judge for yourself and check me out on IG. Here’s a link to one of my go-to favorites:

So if someone is thinking about becoming vegan, here’s some encouraging words from G:

“Live your best life. Stay positive. Exercise. Most of all,…