Mary J. Blige: “I’ve Had To Fight Since I Was Five Years Old”

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Ever since her 1992 multiplatinum debut album “What’s the 411?,” seven more of Mary J. Blige’s records have reached multi-platinum status. She has won nine Grammy Awards and has been nominated for 22 others. Over the course of her more than 25-year career, she has sold over 50 million albums. And at 2018’s Golden Globes, Mary was nominated for best-supporting actress for her role in the Netflix drama “Mudbound.”

But the superstar hasn’t had it easy. A New York native born in the Bronx and raised in Yonkers, Blige lived in housing projects while growing up and dropped out of high school. She was no stranger to alcohol and drug abuse, both witnessing it and struggling with it herself.

The “My Life” hit singer recently revealed that she was sexually abused. And not just once, the ordeal lasted years. When asked at the Golden Globes about the “Me Too” movement, Blige was front and center with her support.

“I’m actually happy and proud of these women,” Blige said. “It is their time; they’ve been hanging onto these things forever, for God knows how long, and now they’re speaking up and being set free.”

“I’ve had the fight since I was five years old. I haven’t had anyone approach me like that since I’ve been in the music business. But from 5 to 17, I’ve been through hell with sexual harassment. So by the time I got into the music business, it was like, ‘Don’t touch me… or I’ll kill you.'”

The nine-time-Grammy-award winner has overcome a lot of in her life, including drug, alcohol and physical abuse. She’s been an advocate for women sharing their stories as a form of liberation from the pain.

“There’s so many women that don’t get a chance to speak in other industries that are not the film industry, the music industry. It’s important for us to stand up for them so they can get a chance to speak. I am one of those women.”

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Behind the scenes, Mary had to go through the drama of her very public divorce from record executive, Kendu Issacs.
According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Isaacs has “experienced physical manifestations of stress and emotional distress from this matter, which has caused him to become hospitalized.” He and Blige were locked in an ugly, very public battle over spousal support after she filed for divorce in July 2016.

The Blast also reported that in the documents Isaacs claims he is “unemployable” and cannot pay his rent…