Mehcad Brooks: “Food Is Fuel for the Body…”

mehcad brooks

Mehcad Brooks is an American actor and fashion model. Beginning his career as a Calvin Klein underwear model, he played the role of Matthew Applewhite on the ABC TV drama Desperate Housewives, as well as Benedict “Eggs” Talley in the second season of HBO’s True Blood.

Also, Tyler Perry will make his Netflix debut in January 2020 with Mehcad.

The director-producer will release “A Fall From Grace,” his first feature film for the streaming service on January 17.

Starring Crystal Fox, Phylicia Rashad, Bresha Webb, and Mehcad Brooks—along with Cicely Tyson and Perry, A Fall From Grace follows Grace Waters (Fox), a woman heartbroken by her ex-husband’s affair who finally finds new romance only for it to be jeopardized by secrets and violence.

It’s hard not to notice Mehcad’s chiseled physique, and rightfully so, he’s earned it. When asked about it, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and says,

“I just work out more days than not…or try to at least. I also am on a strict regimented french fry and pizza diet. Depending what you put on the pizza, one can cover all the major food groups. (Laughing). Actually I grew up in a healthy household. Mom cooked fish, turkey, chicken, etc. Fresh veggies. I lucked out. Food is fuel for the body and if you can put good fuel in your car then you should do the same for your body.”

Brooks later revealed that he does upwards of 1,000 sit-ups a day a couple of times a week (yes, 1,000) to keep his midsection rock hard. Brooks is the son of former NFL wide receiver, Billy Brooks. He turned down basketball scholarships and offers from Ivy League schools in favor of…