Met the First-Ever Mother-Daughter Medical School Duo!

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Having your mom with you growing up and being your biggest cheerleader is a boost any daughter would be proud to have. And when that same love is reciprocated by your daughter being mom’s biggest cheerleader, it’s just as sweet. But one mother and daughter were overjoyed when they would continue being each other’s cheerleaders in medical school.

Dr. Cynthia Kudji was matched in Family Medicine at LSU Health in Louisiana. It was at that same time she learned that her daughter, Dr. Jasmine Kudji, also matched at LSU in General Surgery. It was a beautiful next step for the mother and daughter doctor duo after years of studying medicine at a distance. Cynthia was at the University of Medicine & Health Sciences in St. Kitts in the Caribbean Islands and Maine while her daughter Jasmine was at LSU School of Medicine in Louisiana. The two now will be working in the same hospital system starting July 1, 2020. These incredible women are the first mother and daughter to attend medical school at the same time and match at the same institution!

According to, Dr. Kudji admits she didn’t always plan on becoming a doctor. When she was young, there were few physician role models on TV for African Americans.