Miss Jamaica World Dr. Myrie Breaks Barriers And Borders

miss jamaica2Historically, beauty pageant contestants have talents that include things that mainly center around their beauty. Many like to give back in their own way, but your rarely hear about a beauty pageant contestant or winner dig deeper than what’s “skin deep” pun intended.

But Dr. Sanneta Myrie is anything but just a pretty face.

Myrie grew up in the rural parishes of her homeland, Jamaica. Now a fully qualified medical doctor, she is committed to helping others, and is passionate about the work she does, with aspirations of joining Doctors without Borders, an organisation providing medical care to the most marginalized worldwide. Aside from her duties, Sanneta loves the Jamaican lifestyle, embracing all facets of its culture, from the iconic reggae music, to the fresh fish cuisine found in abundance. In her spare time she enjoys long distance and cross country running, she loves to dance, and she volunteers as a counsellor for the University of the West Indies.

Sanneta-Myrie“My story is one of a little girl whose life was transformed with charity and love and my quest in life is to give that back to as many people as I can,” says Dr. Myrie. “And to inspire the world with my story, that no matter where you are from, your skin type your hair colour, your situation — your dreams are valid.”

“And I believe that beauty with a purpose embodies my quest and if I was blessed with the crown tonight, I would dedicate my essence to give back to the world in a purposeful and beautiful way with charity and love,” she said.

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According to the Star – The 24-year-old said she entered the competition to break down barriers.

“As MJW 2015, I hope to breakdown the stereotype of beauty and inspire young Jamaicans to dare to reach for their brightest dreams, regardless of hair texture, skin colour and social background,” she said

Myrie was previously awarded the top prize for the Miss Jamaica World Talent Competition and was also dubbed the favourite to win by patrons and social media users.

What’s also amazing is that this 24-year-old (yes, old 24) is the first woman to ever have dreadlocks in the Miss World competition.

miss jamaica 3

One reporter weighs in on this being more groundbreaking that we give it credit for saying:
“Myrie’s decision to wear her hair in locs is a noteworthy step toward presenting a more diverse beauty aesthetic in the media landscape, which is slowly seeing more representation of black women with natural hair.”

Myrie did not walk away with the crown but she made the top five cut from a field of more than 110 contestants.

Myrie also finished third in the Miss World Talent section of the competition.

She’ll always be a winner to us. Go ‘head Dr. Myrie!