Monday Motivation: This is the Year!

Photo Credit: The Art of Definition

Hey Loves– New Year, New Me!! LOL I’m so conflicted with how I feel about this phrase. On the one hand, I get it, we want to be better than we were the year before. On the other hand, I don’t like the phrase because it makes me feel like there was something wrong with the old me. The old me wasn’t perfect, the new me won’t be perfect, but without the old me I wouldn’t have (1) a story to tell (2) a reference for what my better looks like.

To make something new means to start fresh. To tear down something old and reintroduce something new. I don’t have time for that. I’ve worked hard (in collaboration with the outpouring of many) for 29 years to get to the woman I am today, I’m not tearing it down to start over. I think this is the same gripe I have with, “forgive and forget.” I will always forgive, but not forget. There were lessons learned that I can’t forget because they are helping to grow me into something new.

I won’t “forget,” and I won’t “new me,” myself in an effort to be a version of better that is not my own. What I can do is commit to being a better me. Not just annually, but daily. How can I be better today than I was yesterday? What areas am I still weak in? A BETTER me, DOES require some new. To grow I have to have new understandings, try new approaches, meet new people, and more. I will encounter new situations and will be faced with the task of creating new