Q&A: Does Monistat REALLY Help Hair Grow?

girl with  hair in ponytailQ: Does Monistat 7 really help your hair grow? – L. Woodberry

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A: Miconazole nitrate (the active ingredient in Monistat 7) is an antifungal cream. This medication does help hair grow because if the scalp has a fungus it will cure the fungus and it oxidizes the hair follicles to allow growth.


I personally experienced some terrible hair loss a few years ago and I, along with my dermatologist and my hair stylist, attribute Miconazole nitrate 2% to my hair regrowth.

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I recommend you mix 1 tube Miconazole nitrate with a carrier oil i.e. lavender, and rosemary are a few that are known to encourage hair growth, and a cap full of castor oil. Apply a small amount twice daily for best results.


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