Mother Follows Daughter’s Footsteps To Become Firefighting Duo!

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Just one year ago, Jacqueline Pinnix, a 17-year veteran as a EMS provider, proudly watched her daughter Jalisa graduate into our ranks as a firefighter. Now, the tables have turned as Jalisa watched her mom cross that same stage as she made the transition to firefighter too.

That’s right! After six long months of rigorous training, Jacqueline, at 50 years old, is the newest graduate of recruit class 384.

Even though it was Jalisa who said she was inspired by her mom to pursue her dreams of becoming a fighterfighter, Jacqueline followed in her daughter’s footsteps. Overcoming her nearly crippling fear of heights and facing grueling physical fitness tests, the D.C. resident decided to suit up and become one of our country’s bravest.

“I knew that it was a difficult job, but I didn’t walk in actual firefighter’s shoes, so I couldn’t experience what they actually experienced going into a fire,” Jacqueline told ABC affiliate WJLA. “So as I went thru the process it showed me and I got to experience everything that it takes to do that job.

It was tough for her and, at times, it took using her own daughter as her personal source of strength.

“Watching her as a female, being petite like she is, I was like if my baby can do it, I can do it too,” Jacqueline said.

It was Jacqueline’s desire to do more than just be an EMT that initially piqued her interest. And when saw her daughter doing it, that lit a fire in her that no firefighter can ever extinguish. Now the dynamic firefighting duo is the only mother-daughter team within the D.C. Fire Department.

“It’s still a lot of males. In this firehouse, I’m the only female on the engine on certain days,” shared Jalisa. Two recent promotions of Black women being becoming fire chiefs are motivating for any city, including the…