Moving On: Learning To Trust Again After A Bad Relationship

your experiences and are prepared to make better decisions. You can trust yourself again.

Control what you can control – Trust is vulnerability. Learning to trust means accepting you can’t control the outcome. There is no guarantee you won’t be betrayed again. There is no guarantee you won’t experience pain. You have to be ok with that reality.

Be confident in your bounceback – You might’ve thought life was over after your last heartbreak but it wasn’t. You were hurt for days, weeks, months, maybe even years but you’re still here.

Life isn’t over. You bounced back. You always will. When you really believe this, you’re not afraid to be vulnerable. You know you’ll bounce back either way.

Take your time – This time around, make better decisions. Ask more questions. See the signs. Take them serious. Choose a partner that makes trusting them easy. Don’t lower your standards.

Instead, hold yourself and anyone you date accountable to those standards. Decrease the disappointments by choosing better partners.

Jasmine Turner is a black love advocate, professional matchmaker, and founder of Black Match Made, a nationwide matchmaking service. She’s a mix of southern charm and Chicago grit. Find her @jasloveslove