Multiple Myeloma & Your Sex Life: Dealing With ED

African American happy couple outsideThe list of side effects for patients grappling with multiple myeloma (MM) is a long one, but one of the most common side effects of the blood cancer that many men don’t know about is erectile dysfunction.

Men living with multiple myeloma undergo a variety of treatments to combat the illness. These treatments are, most times, the root of the problem for getting and keeping an erection.

For example, thalidomide is a medication regularly given to multiple myeloma patients. But this medicine may cause neuropathy – damage to the nerves, which includes erectile dysfunction as one of its side effects. Chemotherapy and stem cell transplants can lead to issues with hormones that signal erection, according to the Johns Hopkins Medicine website.

Instead of shying away from talking about difficulties getting an erection, men should talk to their doctors about ED and their current cancer treatment. Research has found that erectile dysfunction related to multiple myeloma often goes away with successful MM treatment.

Here is a list of possible options to treat your ED:

Penile pumps

This option is a pump that is either hand or battery-powered, depending on the brand, and a plastic tube that fits over the penis. In the long run, the pump can help men regain normal sexual function. But it’s best to discuss this option with a physician before use because it can make cancer patients more vulnerable to blood clots.