My Story: Consistency Created 160-Pound Weight Loss

Was there a defining moment when you decided to lose weight?

When I was young and over weight, I did not feel comfortable in myself. I was always sad, unhappy and was constantly make fun of due to my weight. I started going to a health club, but was lazy and did not have the right nutrition in my body. I tried to lose weight lose from ads I saw on TV, like hydroxycut and Right-Size smoothies, but nothing was working. So, I found a nutrition club and I made a decision in my life to lose weight. I had to focus on myself and learned to never give up on what you want out of life.

How much weight did you lose (old weight/current weight/goal weight)?

I lost over 160lbs. My old weight was 400lbs my current weight is 190lbs. My goal weight 185lbs with some muscle mass.

What was your biggest struggle when losing weight?

Being consistent was one of my biggest struggles. At first, I had no motivation, discipline, nor commitment to fitness or working out.

How did your relationships change after you lost weight?

Some friends and people in my church and family on my Dad’s side started saying I look sick. Some said I don’t look right and wanted me to stop losing weight. In my family we have a history of obesity and I just want to help people.

I got my family healthy by working out, eating clean and looking amazing. I want to thank the positive people that encouraged me on my weight lost journey and a big special thanks to my mom. If it had not ben for my mom my dreams would not come true.

What is your normal workout routine/diet?

Basically just straight cardio, lots of running, weight lifting, boot camp, and fit camp. I also run & workout at home. I never give up and hard work. Dedication and will power is the key. My diet was just two herbalife shakes, fruit, vegetables, salad, two protein based snack and the number one thing is to drink lots of water.