My Story: "I Survived 9 Years With Breast Cancer"

shontell-johnsonMy name is  Shontell S. Jackson, and I am a 47-year-old single mom of a daughter and certified yoga instructor. If you walked in my shoes you might just understand…

Why am I sharing this? I share to inspire someone that might be ready to throw in the towel. Please DO NOT! Pictures are always taken by me because they tell my story:

I had to shave my head nine years ago because I had breast cancer. Over those years, God has carried me through my journey and HE continues to take awesome care of me. The picture of me in jeans with what I’ve named my long “birthday hair” is a celebration to ME. It’s weaved hair within my natural hair that I choose to wear because it’s my life…

The picture of me in the sun-shining rainbow dress is me wearing my natural hair that has grown back over the nine years since my breast cancer surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. As far as my breasts…those are mine too!

I LIVE TODAY because MY LIFE was SAVED by GOD! Please people be mindful when judging others…you do NOT know their story.

Keep the faith!