My Story: “Now I Really Do Treat My Body Like A Temple”

iccha summer 2014

Healers often talk about the importance of the mind/body connection and for 43-year-old Iccha Ra, becoming intentional about this connection in 2011 helped transform her life, inside and out. “Before the journey, I felt disconnected from my body, like things were happening to me that were out of my control,” she shares. “I Loved myself but more at the level of philosophy. Now I Love myself at the level of practice. I am clear that I am creating everything that I am experiencing so I take the time to do what I know to do to nurture and heal.”
Here, Iccha shares how she released the weight and gained even more self love.

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Q: What was the defining moment that began your weight loss journey?

There was a moment when I realized that what I was experiencing in my weight fluctuation had more to do with what I was feeling and not expressing than what was on my plate. It became clear to me what self love really looks like and how to cultivate that, and then the release followed that shift.

Q: How much weight have you lost? 

I like weight release as a concept vs loss. If I lose something I am apt to find it.  I know that this can be considered simple semantics, and I can see that this simple connection is quite important.  I do not own a scale, so my best guess would be 100 lbs or so.

Q: How did you release the weight?

There is a connection that exists between our our body, our mind and our spirit.  When I connected with that and honored it in every way that I knew how with focus and intention, this is when my entire life shifted.


Q: What lifestyle changes did you have to make?

Meditation is one of the most potent practices on this planet. I chose to take the time to incorporate this at a high level. Making time to be quiet allows the inner guidance to surface. Plant-based nutrition has been my chosen diet for years; the refinement came when I listened more deeply to my inner wisdom. I saw that some of what I was ingesting my body did not care for, so I stopped.  For example, I used to be a regular Pepsi drinker. When I stopped that, I needed new, smaller pants very shortly after that!  That was pretty cool and it encouraged me to listen more deeply and assisted me in being more willing to release other things that have been a part of my diet, but that were contrary to my body.

This to me is a form of deep love in action. I Love this gift that I have been given. It is a sophisticated vessel that takes me everywhere I want to go. I desire to take the best care of it that I can. I recall that I had a vehicle at one time and I used to wake up early to wash that car 3-4 times per week rain, snow or shine. I knew that it functioned better when it was clean and nurtured and cared for.  How much moreso would I be willing to care for a vessel that is priceless? I was like I get it, and now I really do treat my body like a temple.

Q: Were there moments you felt discouraged?


Q: What did you do to work through that?

I have a group of mentors and comrades that I am close with that Love and support me. My goal was always to get back to my deep inner knowing. This is a process that I engage because I Love me and I am consistently willing to grow in this process, even through the pain.

Q: What are you doing now to stay on track?

Self observation…Self awareness…Focus…Clarity…Intention.

Next level is how I like to think of my journey. I like to spend time interacting with people and entities that have a nurturing conversation toward the way that they care for themselves. I limit the amount of time that I spend in any energy that is contrary to that. I deepen my practice of love and compassion anytime it becomes apparent to me that there is an opening for more love and compassion to surface. I begin this practice with myself and then I extend it outward. While I have a clear concise inner compass about what I will and will not ingest, I accept that we each get to choose exactly what and how we feed our bodies and I accept myself and others choices.

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I also employ an approximate 90/10 or 93/7 or 85/15 rule.  Ok, here you see my rascally sense of humor.  So what this basically means is that my goal is that a majority of what I ingest is to nurture and support my body and I allow room for succulence, joy, pleasure and fun in my choices too.

I also teach an internet class called The Avatar Maintenance Program that teaches the concepts that I have been speaking about.  By facilitating this work in others it consistently takes me to the next level and assists me in maintaining my focus.

Q: What have you learned about yourself during your journey?

I have learned about me that I am a deeply sensitive and creative being. I see now that my sensitivity and Love and creativity are a gift that cause me to see the world in my own way.  I have learned that the unique expression of the way that I see and feel is a gift that is meant to be shared with humanity.  I have seen that because I was not accepting of that and fearful a created a suit of flesh armor.  I thought it would protect me, instead it trapped me. When I did the internal work to love and accept me I was able to release my suit of armor.

Q: What advice do you have for others?

Realize the work of caring for self is a journey. Be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself time to listen and connect to source to receive divine guidance and support. Engage the connection between the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Q: Finish this sentence:  “When I look in the mirror, I see ____________”

Pure Love.


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