My Story: “Losing All My Excuses Helped Me”


Lori is a busy entrepreneur and parent. Both of which take a lot of time and energy out of your day. But it wasn’t until her trip that she decided to do something about her health and energy. What she discovered was a new, re-energized person that was always there, but she just had to change her lifestyle in order to change her life. Here’s how Lori did it in her own words:

“My deciding factor for losing weight was returning home from a girlfriend vacation I took to Myrtle Beach,” explains Lori. “I was disappointed with my photos and decided I needed to focus and get serious about starting my weight loss journey. My smile was forced, and my self-esteem had been lost. I had tried and failed consistently for the last 10 years and covered up the fat with cute clothes and shoes, it was time for a change.”

“I have currently lost over 80 pounds, from a size 16 to a size 6/8 in a little over a year (beginning in July 2016). I have grown stronger both mentally and spiritually in addition to physically. I never even owned a pair of gym shoes prior to starting my journey, now I’m proud to say that fitness gear consists of 85% of my wardrobe.”

BDO: What was the most difficult part of losing weight and getting healthy?
Lori: The most difficult thing about losing weight is making up your mind to do so and being consistent. You can’t follow fads or diets, it has to become a lifestyle if you plan to keep the weight off. I know that seems like an easy answer, but that is the honest answer. Changing bad habits and losing ALL your excuses will make you reach your goals. Getting to the gym for an hour or two during the day is relatively simple in comparison to controlling your diet the remaining hours of the day.

BDO: How have your relationships changed since losing weight?
Lori: I started dating my current boyfriend, Dennis Sibit, whose company – Be Unstoppable, advocates living a healthy lifestyle. Dennis created a workout plan for me to follow during the week and we workout together on weekends. It also helps that we are both Vegetarian so that eating clean is a staple in our life. Staying fit is always our goal and it’s very helpful to have an encouraging partner and teammate along your journey.

My relationship with some friends have changed. I don’t think they know the commitment and dedication that is required, so they may feel slighted that I’m not as available.


BDO: What is your normal workout routine like?
Lori: My normal workout routine is Monday – Friday, 1 hour cardio | 1 hour weight training. Saturday and Sundays, 1 hour group outdoor group exercise (Be Unstoppable) | 1 hour cardio | 1 hour yoga and 1 hour weight training.